Success Stories

"Ruth is the person you want in your corner. She is knowledgeable, professional, and encouraging. Ruth asks the right questions and provides insights that are invaluable in a coach. She was truly a pleasure to work with and I look forward to recommending her in the future." 
—Lorri Broda, Senior Creative Producer at Walt Disney Company



"Ruth connected me with an agency that helped me find my first 2 jobs out of college, equipped me with the knowledge and skills to succeed in finding a job during the recession, and most importantly- she helped ease my troubled, anxious mind. She is a wonderful coach, mentor, instructor, and resource." 
—Michelle Kandler, Recruiter and Marketing Professional



"I was laid off from my job in October and Ruth provided great coaching and advice, was very responsive to my questions. Ruth provided encouragement that helped me move past my present state of mind and look toward a great future. I found my next opportunity and I feel Ruth was a large part of my success."
—Tracy Vowell, Technology Sourcing at T-Mobile



"Ruth brings a wealth of information and experience to the field of coaching and self discovery. She is a true expert in her understanding of Myers Brigs (MBTI). She brought me from a superficial understanding of my type to a more deeper understanding of my preferences and what that means for me. She skillfully led a group discussion for a group of 13, covering a wide array of topics, keeping it light, while completing on time. I hired her to work with other people in my life so that I might better understand them and they might better understand themselves. I will continue to look for help from Ruth with business and personal contacts. She brings a delightful excitement into any room. I expect to continue to rely on Ruth to learn in many other areas."
—J. Scott Davidson, Founder and Coach at Finding the Unique Path
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